Panel 028: Dave Richardson


A stalwart of The Boys of the Lough, Dave is also a deft, well-admired composer, with many of his tunes featuring in the group’s material. In a truly formidable line-up such as The Boys of the Lough, Dave may sometimes have come across as a rather quiet member compared to some of his colleagues, but in many ways he was the driving force behind the organisational side, taking on the business management and tour arranging duties. But this should not get in the way of our appreciating his artistic input as both a composer and player of the finest order. Playing a variety of instruments of the mandolin family, he provided both background and lead, interspersing and layering in the band’s complexly structured musical arrangements.

Audio file: Boys of the Lough, Reels

Audio file: Boys of the Lough – Their concert set in the Girvan Academy (Saturday evening concert)