Panel 027: Cathal McConnell


Also known for his appearances with The Boys of the Lough, Ulsterman Cathal has a deep and outstanding knowledge of, and love for, his material.
A superb player of flute and whistle, Cathal is also an academic who has researched the sources of the music he performs, knowing variation upon variation and able to comment knowingly on his theme topics. Indeed, Cathal can, and does, talk at length on any subject you care to give him, and when he does, you will not just be better informed, you will also be highly amused, as Cathal is one of the finest raconteurs and storytellers in the business. In his performances with The Boys of the Lough, his music, sometimes driving, sometimes ethereal, unites the overall sound.

Audio file: Cathal McConnell with Tim O’Leary, Ye Lovers All (Baleronian Maid)