Panel 012: Adam McNaughtan


Perhaps because of the predominant age-range of the organisers, Girvan aspired to be a child-friendly event. This allowed songwriters such as Adam McNaughtan to flourish. Not that Adam’s erudition was always directed at the younger members of the audience, of course, but he was often to be found delighting a new generation with songs like The Jeelie Piece Song, which was to become a standard. One of Adam’s many talents was to encourage wholehearted participation, and he was easily able to persuade a roomful of initially uncertain youngsters not only to join in, but to quickly be shouting for more. Of course, it always helps that Adam’s kids’ song have a huge appeal to those of us that are a wee bit older as well!

Audio file: Adam McNaughtan, Transportation Ballad – Why are they three 46s …

Audio file: Adam McNaughtan, Transportation Ballad – Send a 22 today