Panel 007: The Clutha



The Girvan organisers are delighted to be celebrating forty years in operation, but are apprentices when compared to the Clutha, whose fiftieth anniversary this is.

The Clutha – Gaelic for “Clyde” – are touchstones for many who were to follow after, by combining peerless singers and musicians. That they did so at a time when there was still not the universal acceptance of the tradition as there is today makes their achievements even more special. With some, but sadly not all, original members still performing in various guises, the Clutha were pioneers in showing the world that our traditions are strong, vibrant and relevant to modern society. Never afraid to confront social injustice, they are worthy of emulation nowadays, and they are fine tutors for future generations.

Audio file: The Clutha, The Keltie Clippie

Audio file: The Clutha, Tatties and Herrin

Audio file: The Clutha, High Jeannie High