Joe Stead: His thoughts on the life and times of Paul Robeson

For personal listening only:

This extract from Joe Stead’s lecture on Paul Robeson, starts with a snippet of Robeson singing and then Joe goes on to describe his first meeting, at the age of 17, with Paul Robeson. That meeting and Joe’s subsequent friendship with Pete Seeger had a deep impact on Joe. Joe has now told the story of both Paul Robeson and Pete Seeger to audiences throughout the land and some of the story is told in Joe’s own autobiography, The Ramblings of an Old Codger. Joe is currently in hospital battling again with cancer. This, and subsequent extracts of Joe story, are presented here for your enjoyment and for Joe’s encouragement. This is only the start of Joe’s presentation on Robeson and this extract runs for about 14 minutes.

I’m sure Joe would appreciate any comments, thoughts on his presentation or words of encouragement you might want to add via this Facebook post. (The sound file is currently hosted here for convenience.)

The Life and Times of Paul Robeson, by Joe Stead: Introduction